W Chair

The W chair features a stainless steel tube frame with a recycled PET felt seating area. Parts of the felt are heat pressed to become rigid to add structure.

The hard felt pieces fold around the tubular frame and stay in place with an integrated clicking mechanism that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the chair. The entire felt part of the chair is easily removed and can be folded into a tightly packed whole, the metal frame can be disassembled too to allow for the chair to be flat packed and stored efficiently.

40 examples of this chair were made, 20 ended up in the Pentatonic office, and 20 went to Jackie chan's office/residence in Shanghai.

The 20 earlier models were showcased at the 2016 Shanghai Design Week as support of Jackie Chan's art exhibition, where they displayed art pieces that were made of reclaimed waste from Jackie's movie sets.