Sous Vide Cooking Device

Sous Vide is a cooking method where the food is placed in plastic bags which are then submerged in water. The water pushes the air out of the bag, ensuring maximum contact with the food. Sous Vide stands for "under vacuum" in French. The water is kept under constant circulation in order to achieve a very precise temperature, which is based on the type and size of the food. This cooks the food slowly and to exactly the amount of doneness that's desired. Once cooked, the food can remain in the water bath for up to a few days whilst maintaining a consistent cooked state.

Sous Vide is popular for chefs in restaurants who would have large Sous Vide specific devices, but it is catching on in personal cooking environments. This is when people would normally resort to portable Sous Vide devices which can be placed in water baths or pans.

This concept featured a non functional physical prototype with an aluminium body with wooden accents. It's design is meant to contrast the typical competition which is made of plastic and is cilyndrical in shape.