Dormitory Pod

While at Miniwiz, we wanted to collaborate with DongHai University to renovate their famous dormitories. These had very old interior fixtures that really needed an upgrade. My boss gave me rather specific restrictions regarding the materials I was to use, which were aluminium honeycomb sandwich boards connected with aluminium extrusions and joints. It had to feature rounded edges.

The concept got to the stage you see in the renders, at this point it was ready for prototyping/ production. It had the joints all designed and engineered as well as the aluminium extrusions. Strength calculations using Solidworks Simulations were performed. All in all it was extremely durable with a very high strength safety factor.

The people on the side of DongHai University were satisfied. It was around the time I left Miniwiz, eventually someone else was asked to continue the project with fewer restrictions and tasked to make a new concept, since the original restrictions imposed upon me could not get the price low enough.