I'm Wilco Soetman

I'm bald and bold.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I went to university in my hometown of Enschede at Saxion University of applied science to earn my bachelors of science in Industrial Design Engineering.

As part of my bachelors, students were required to complete three 5 month internships. While most stayed closer to home, I wanted to go to Asia and ended up with an opportunity in Taipei. It only took a few days after arrival for me to fall in love with Taiwan's charm and I quickly found my second consequtive internship in Taipei as a result. My third internship, you guessed it, I did in Taipei. After graduation I subjected to my feelings fully and moved to Taiwan with the hopes of finding work, and that I did. I became employed by Miniwiz as an Industrial designer after a mildly stressful period. A few years later, Miniwiz sent me to Berlin for six months to work for their spin-off brand "Pentatonic" during the start up phase, which I have had significant influence on prior to and during its launch. It's been an interesting ride since.

On my website you'll find various items with the Stoa logo on them, these are part of my own imaginary brand which i occasionally like to design concepts for in my own time.

To view my CV, see the link below.