A unique and minimalistic whistle. Stripped of all unnecessary geometry, Wisl functions only when covering the open sides with your fingers.

Sous Vide Device

A concept for a Sous Vide cooking apparatus incorporating a square metal body with wooden finish to separate itself from its competition.


This concept for scissors has an extruded rectangle as a base shape. This shape is twisted and bent and machined. No unnecessary geometry added.

W Chair

This chair utilizes recycled PET felt that snaps on the modular metal frame with hard heat-pressed felt combined with regular felt for flat-packability and easier storage. 40 examples were produced.

Drinking Glass

Designed for the launch of Pentatonic, the handy glass is made with recycled smartphone screens.

Glass Bowl

Made with recycled smartphone screens, the Handy Bowl was designed for the launch of Pentatonic. Its pentagonal outline with angled edges allows for several bowls to align together in various ways.


WAAIER is a small handpowered and handheld fan concept utilizing a custom leadscrew to convert pushing into rotational motion.


Examples of animated assembly videos.

Packaging Design

Packaging for a bundle of 4 of the pentagonal drinking glasses.

Clothes Hanger

Heat pressed recycled PET felt or heat pressed reclaimed PET clothing with aluminium accents.